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Toot! Toot!

Posted by Dahlia on June 14, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to encourage yourself. Writing can be arduous and daunting, often times a labor of love. Times when the words don’t flow, you get the umpteenth rejection, your plan to get up early to write goes awry because you slept through the alarm…and many other obstacles that can be discouraging.

However, despite the challenges and areas of improvement, there is something about your writing that stands out. A strength about the words on your paper or screen, be it descriptive setting, an awesome ability to show and not tell, a knack to pull the reader in immediately, etc. There is one author, Sylvia Hubbard, who is known as “The Cliffhanger Queen”. I would have to agree – her online stories, which are posted in sections, tend to leave you hanging on for more. It’s one of her strengths.

So, I want to use this post to celebrate my strengths as well as yours in writing. What are you or what could you be known for? If your poetry is beautiful, it’s cool to call yourself The Princess of Prose. Write fast-paced, hold-on-to-your-seat action scenes? The King of Kick-Ass may be for you. Love Scenes your thing? Consider The Sultan of Seduction or perhaps The Barry White of Romance. All these silly titles are for fun, but who knows, giving yourself a catchphrase just may push you through the rough spots. And you are what you believe. Go ahead, toot that horn and slap yourself a five because you rock.

So, here’s my little list of self-proclaimed titles based on feedback of my strengths. Beware, some are a little (or a lot) corny…
1. The Dialogue Duchess
2. The Conversationalist
3. The Voice Coach
4. The Discourse Diva
5. Auto-Tune (because I get that voice just right)
6. Collo-Queen


10 Responses to “Toot! Toot!”

  1. Lydia K said

    I love that! In the face of so much adversity, it’s good to remember what we’re good at.

  2. Lauri said

    Great idea! Thanks for the encouragment.

  3. Yolanda said

    Brilliant post. If we don’t believe in ourselves first, no one else will.

  4. We always have to kick our own butt because we don’t always have someone to kick it for us..LOL

  5. Catherine Johnson said

    Great positive encouragement and I love your titles 🙂

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