Yves Brown McClain: Literary Fierceness


The housewarming party is over. People have stopped in, said “hey, welcome to the neighborhood”, perhaps brought a dish or a welcome gift.  Now the house is empty except for its sole resident. For the most part, you enjoy your home. You know where everything is, you have your routine down from sunrise to sunset. Your neighbors know when you leave for work and the time you bring out the trash. But every now and then, it’s good to mix things up at the house. Plan a little get together and invite some people over. Houseguests can be fun to have and I’m happy to invite them over to hang out.

The purpose of this “house” is to be a source of information, inspiration, creativity, and promotion. I also believe in spreading the love. Therefore, I want to invite other writers to stop in as my guest and share posts about the following writing-related topics:

  • The writing process
  • Your writing journey
  • Improving writing
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Increasing an online presence
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Editing
  • Agents
  • Publishing (traditional, self, POD, etc.)
  • Finding a work/life/write balance – for those of us with families, day jobs, school, etc.
  • Also, my “house” is open to visitors on blog tours.

In order to set up a Guest Post or a Blog Tour stop, shoot me an email at yvesbrownmcclain@gmail.com. Please leave your name, your blog name or website (so I can get to know you), and a topic you’d like to post about. If you’re on a blog tour, please also leave the title of the book, the publication date, a synopsis of the book, and your tour dates.


2 Responses to “Houseguests”

  1. tahliaN said

    I’ll get onto you when I have an idea of a topic.

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