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Promoting: Online Radio Shows

Posted by Dahlia on April 11, 2011

Many writers are aware that marketing the books they write will be primarily their responsibility. Regardless of if the book is self-published, or the writer goes with  independent/small publisher, or a major one, the author has to do a lot of the marketing and promotion. One way to promote is by radio interviews, specifically online radio shows. There are many online radio shows solely dedicated to featuring authors and their books. Many of these shows use the same platforms to promote the show as the author – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Also, some of the shows tie in book reviews to the interview so it’s like a two for one deal. Blogtalkradio.com has a variety of radio shows to meet your genre and intended audience. Below are some links to radio shows that I have come across in researching promoting my book when I get to that step. Keep in mind, my list is limited to the target audience for my story, so feel free to add to and expand this list. No matter where you are in your process of writing, it’s never too early to begin thinking of your marketing strategy, and online radio shows is one medium in which to promote your work and yourself as the writer. For readers, online radio shows are good ways to learn about the latest books coming out, as well as get an inside view of the book that you can’t find in the blurb that’s on the back cover.


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