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Change the Game

Posted by Dahlia on July 28, 2011

Lately, I have been thinking of ways to expand my platform to get more readers. Like I mentioned before, I love the writers who follow me. Great relationships have been formed because of it, and while I know writers read, I really wanted to reach out to that reader that I’m writing for. And the majority of my posts haven’t been for the reader.

I subscribe to Kristen Lamb’s blog and get her updates in my email. For those who don’t know who this fabulous lady is, she is considered a social media expert. She has written a book titled We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and it’s all about platform building to attract a following of you guessed it, readers. Not even halfway (I was at about 22%) through her book, I saw that my strategy was wrong and I needed an overhaul of my blog. Simply put, with the imminent publication of my novella with a full novel to follow, I’ve got to change my game. However, I don’t want to lose the writers that have hopped on this journey with me. Supporting each other is
still important to me. At the same time, books generally don’t sell themselves,
especially if you’re going the independent route like I am. So, I’ve got to
reach my target audience and change the way I’ve been approaching social

So, here are the changes that I’m going to incorporate. **drumroll, please and thank you**

1. Blog title change

You may have already noticed this. I feel the new title is more inclusive of
not only this writing process but the content relevant to my genre and my style
of writing.

2. More frequent updates

No, I’m not going back to daily. I’m a writer who blogs, not a blogger who writes. I am pushing for three days a week. I want to dedicate my Wednesdays to my writer followers that have been hanging out with me since February. And since I like alliteration like that, Writer Wednesday is for you! Smooches!  :X

3. More reader friendly content

I write fiction. Specifically women’s fiction. Even more specifically chick-lit (and the occasional drama). My characters are predominantly African-American. So, my niche is African-American Chick Lit. So, I need to talk about things related to what someone reading African-American Chick Lit would read in a book: relationships (not just the romantic ones but the ones between parents and children, siblings, etc.), love, friendships, fashion, socializing, and maybe a little bit of drinking. Also included in this would be interviews from authors similar to me, book reviews of books in the same genre, etc.

4. A slight Twitter change

My original twitter handle was already ok. It was @ycbmcclain, but I felt
it was better to use my full professional name. It’s a part of branding. Unfortunately
@yvesbrownmcclain was too long, so I settled for @yvesbmcclain

I would HIGHLY recommend Kristen’s book to any writer trying to navigate the internet and all these social networking sites to engage readers. It can get overwhelming and time-consuming. The tips just make good common sense and can help you from spamming away your network. This is only the beginning of the revamp of my platform and I am very excited. You can get either the print or the electronic version. It’s so worth the investment in yourself, your brand, and your product.


8 Responses to “Change the Game”

  1. MJones said

    Looks great! I’m a quiet follower, but one all the same!

  2. Yolanda said

    Fantastic article. I’ve actually been toying with changing my twitter name.

    I think the changes you are incorporating will be great for getting you more readers. You are absolutely correct, we have to attract the readership that we write for. Other writers are cool, but they are not our main audience. I’m going to check out Kristen Lamb today.

    • It’s just like you told me not too long ago. You are the brand and every interaction on these “internets” 🙂 should have your brand, so when you publish, people will know. Please check Kristen out. She’s awesome

  3. Madison Woods said

    I’m another one of your quiet followers, and one of your writerly types 🙂 I like your changes. Eventually, it’s something I’ll have to embrace, too, but I’m still putting it off, lol. I’ll still be here as an interested follower regardless of your platform change, and regardless that I’m not your target readerly audience (I don’t read much fiction other than scifi/fantasy, although I need to broaden my scope to things outside my narrow focus) because I am learning from you and am watching how you’re growing 🙂

  4. Roni Loren said

    I just posted about this today as well. 🙂 Seems like Kristen is starting a wave, lol. Good luck with your new changes! It’s definitely hard to figure out what will appeal to readers.

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