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Does not play nice with others…

Posted by Dahlia on July 6, 2011

Yes, that would be my computer that’s not playing nice today. So, a quick post via my CrackBerry.

1. My scheduled post for today was my first author interview! I got a chance to speak with Hannah D. Spivey (@bossladywriter on twitter) about her new novel, Ebony The Beloved. The book is set for release on July 20. It was great to have a chance to talk with her about her story and her writing. I will post as soon as I get my technical issues worked out.

2. My blog is available on Kindle. How cool is that? The thing is, it is a subscription service, but still available for the convenience of Kindle owners who want to read my nuggets of random info and rantings about this writing process. Whoo-hoo! I just got syndicated!

3. I’m still working on my short story. It’s going really well and I’m on pace to have my draft completed within the week (even with the computer setback, thank goodness for smartphones) My working title is The Tenth and it’s about how desiring something that you can’t have can lead to serious consequences…I plan to post a little “something something” for you soon.


2 Responses to “Does not play nice with others…”

  1. Yay for the crackberry! Whatever would we do without it?

    ❤ Gina Blechman

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