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Promoting: Twitterviews

Posted by Dahlia on April 15, 2011

In my last post, I gave a few reasons for using online radio shows in the promoting and marketing of books. Another good way to spread the word about your upcoming novel/collection is the “Twitterview”.  A combo of Twitter and Interview, it’s also known as a Twitter Party, and should definitely be considered for book promoting. Of course, since this type of promoting is done on Twitter, you and your audience are restricted to 140 characters or less in answering and asking questions. It’s also important to use the hashtag of the twitterview host so that the audience can keep track of the Q&A. I’ve lurked around a few Twitterviews/Twitter Parties and trivia has been done as well as giveaways, so it’s not always your average interview.  This can also be good for the writer who may be a bit apprehensive about going on the radio to promote. I have listed a few organizations that host twitterviews. However, there are tons more out there in the “twitterverse”.

NOVEL PUBLICITY – This company out of my home state (Michigan) is a full service author promotion and prepublication service.  Twitterviews are one of their many services. You can either pay for the service or enter into a giveaway for a Twitterview. You can follow Novel Publicity @novelpublicity. The twitterview hashtag is #emlyn

RAWSISTAZ – The Reading and Writing Sistaz started out over 10 years ago as an online book club. They have since expanded to book reviews and twitter parties with a goal to get the word out about books, writers, and literary events.  You can follow RAWSISTAZ at either @rawsistaz and @blackbookchats. Their twitterview  hashtag is #blackbookchats.


3 Responses to “Promoting: Twitterviews”

  1. Awesome! Thanks.

    ❤ Gina Blechman

  2. Lisa Nowak said

    I’ve read a few Twitterviews and was amazed at how much information they gave.

  3. Donna Hole said

    I haven’t got the hang of twitter. I haven’t tried hard either. Blogging takes up enough of my time . .

    But I don’t discount the value of a twitterview either. Anything that helps promote an author has to be good.


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