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An open letter…to Girl Scout Cookies

Posted by Dahlia on February 26, 2011

It’s that time of year again. Could be one of the best times of year after Christmas, Summer Vacation (for kids), Back To School (for parents), and Spring Break (for College Students). Yup, it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time. L. Marie, states in her blog, Literary Marie’s Blogmoir, that there are actually five seasons – Winter, Girl Scout Cookies, Spring, Summer, and Fall. I’d have to agree with her.

When I spotted the order sheet hanging on my coworker’s cubicle last month, I got excited. It’s cookie time! Yay! I didn’t have to go stalking my neighborhood grocery store for the cookie booth – I can just place an advance order and await my little pieces of sugary bliss. Visions of shortbread began to dance in my head…Without hesitation, I placed my order.

So, imagine my enthusiasm when I received my order a few days ago. Of course, I got a few of your classics – Samoas & Trefoils. I also decided to get a new cookie (at least it was new to me). Eager to try that one first, I tear into the box and…my enthusiasm fades. Just one sleeve of cookies. Are you effin’ kidding me? I count them. 14 small cookies in one plastic sleeve. I paid $3.50 for 14 cookies? Seriously? There was more box than cookies…you couldn’t have squeezed in a few more?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that you’re a fundraiser. I was once one of the little girls in a brown or green uniform (sash, badges, beret, socks, and all) soliciting sales of your awesome confections of limited-time only goodness. My parents were also enablers, taking order forms to their jobs and soon filling our living room with cases and cases of some of your best treats – Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints, etc. So, I get it. You’re just as much a part of the organization as the beanie and Daisy Gordon Low.

But still, 14 cookies for 3.50? I can’t help but feel like you cheated me. But, oh well, you represent a great organization, so I will just have to take one for the team. So, I rip open my one sleeve of 14 cookies and eat one. Man, it was good. Really good. Sooo good. Okay, I guess all is forgiven. What you lack in quantity you make up for in quality. Girl Scout Cookies, I ♥ you!

Signed, Yves

P.S. Thanks to my followers for your feedback on the character-building exercise post. I was tasked with describing the interior of a car from the viewpoint of a man getting into his wife’s car. The car in question is a VW Beetle…I don’t own one, but I think they’re pretty cool little cars. 🙂


11 Responses to “An open letter…to Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. Fun post~ my 15-year-old is still a Girl Scout, so we do the cookie thing every year…it’s been sad watching the prices go up. Plus, I feel like very few kids make the door-to-door effort anymore. I always thought that was so cute 🙂

    • Yeah, when I was a scout, the cookies were 2.00. I think that’s cool that your niece is still a Girl Scout. She would be a Senior, right? I actually wanted to go all the way through to 12th grade in Scouts, but was forced to leave in the 8th grade due to organization changes 😉 Basically, our troop leader quit on us and there wasn’t another adult to take over.

      • And speaking of effort…there was a cookie booth set up outside the grocery store. The girls were only in their sashes…when did they allow this to happen? Every time my troop did the booth, it was FULL uniform…NO exceptions.

  2. Oh, how I love girl scout cookies and their yummy goodness. This was the first year that I haven’t ordered any, and I must say that it has been quite a sad affair. I miss those little treats in their colorful boxes. Freezing them. Dipping them in milk or hot cocoa. Eating them a sleeve at a time. Mmmmm. Thanks for making me hungry. 🙂

    ❤ Gina Blechman

  3. Mike said

    My co-worker (who is quadriplegic) and to whom I feed lunch to (as a volunteer) eats two girl scout cookies for his dessert at the end of every meal five days a week. He buys him enough to last one year. I love cookies myself, but I really need to watch my weight. I’m tired of my shirts and clothes feeling tight so unless it’s sugar-free, I won’t touch it, ya know?

  4. Pam Parker said

    I was just out visiting w/my 6 year old niece and picked up my boxes of cookies and it was such a flashback — I LOATHED selling the cookies. I was so shy back then. Had to quit Girl Scouts cuz I couldn’t take the pressure. LOL. Thanks for the memories!

  5. […] are like tattoos – once you get one, it can be hard to stop getting them) and shared my love of Girl Scout Cookies. And lookie here – I got an award for it! The Stylish Blogger award was bestowed to me by […]

  6. Mmmmm…. girl scout cookies…

    One sleeve, seriously?!

  7. I thought I was the only one with visions of shortbread dancing in my head. The trefoils & tagalongs hit the dougie.

    Have you noticed that every year the rolls / number of cookies in a box decrease? Grrr…

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