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Short Story Challenge comes up Short

Posted by Dahlia on December 30, 2010

I had the best intentions, really I did. I challenged myself to write a short story and I thought the concept of someone returning home at Christmastime to visit family after being away for awhile would be lighthearted and quick. Turns out, not quite. Once I started drafting 12 Days, it was quickly confirmed that the short story is not my forte’ and I’m okay with that. I respect anyone that is able to tell a story in less than 30,000 words. Maybe one day, I’ll try again…

So, what’s going to happen with my holiday story? I’m adding it to my story idea log to become a full-length novel. I considered starting on it in January after Wild Oats goes to print, however there’s another novel that’s been brewing for quite some time now that I decided a while back would be my second. I have learned in this process that you have to be flexible enough to go with the creative process but know when to reel it in and stay on task.

 I hope you enjoyed letting me get a few ideas out about the Griffin family and their “straight-man” of the bunch, middle daughter Ainsley. So, while 12 Days is getting shelved for the time being, it shouldn’t be the last you hear of it.  Happy Holidays!


One Response to “Short Story Challenge comes up Short”

  1. […] seriously considering reviving 12 Days, my short-story attempt from December. Instead, it will now be a work-in-progress […]

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